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Be mighty.

Be unbreakable.

Better Job Security

We need to change the rules so people have jobs they can count on.

  • Give people the choice of converting from casual to permanent if they work regular hours
  • End labour hire and sham contracting rip-offs
  • Stop the exploitation of temporary visa workers
  • Stop allowing employers to terminate workplace agreements
  • Equal rights for people working in the gig economy
  • Investment in apprenticeships and vocational training
  • Governments to procure from local businesses first, to create local jobs
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Australia needs a pay rise

Working people need the tools and power to win fair pay rises.

  • Make our bargaining system fair
  • Increase the minimum wage to a living wage
  • Ensure award minimums improve over time
  • Restore penalty rates
  • End wage theft
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Change the Rules for working women

Working women deserve equality at work.

  • Secure jobs and equal pay for women
  • Ten days paid family and domestic violence leave
  • Strong flexible working arrangements and leave rights for parents and carers
  • Improve women’s superannuation balances
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Join your union

The best way to help Change the Rules for working people and to protect your rights at work is to join your union.

Union members working together win better wages, more secure jobs and safe and family friendly workplaces. Be mighty. Be unbreakable. Join your union today.

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Get Active to Change the Rules

Every conversation about the campaign brings us closer to Changing the Rules.

On street stalls, at train stations, and by knocking on doors in our community, we can make a difference by spreading our message.

Thousands across Australia are already involved. But we need more.

Join us.

To get active, find an event near you, or get in touch with us to host your own.

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